People come from far and wide to step back in time and experience everything medieval. It’s very much a family affair with plenty to do whether you’re young or old. The Burning of the Dragon on the Saturday night is not to be missed, driven on by the primal beat of the Drummers, the heartbeat of the carnivale.

Step back in time

Medieval performers, parades and fighting:

~ Grand Parade – Don’t miss the daily parade as it wanders through the site at 1pm.
~ On the Main stage – Live Music and Dancers.
~ In the Combat Arena – Live action as Reenactors and Medievalist do battle.
~ Burning of the Dragon – Saturday evening from 5pm with Fire Performers and Drummers.

Wander, experience and over indulge:

~ Many Market stalls including handcrafted goods and clothing.
~ A variety of scrumptious gourmet foods to fill your belly
~ Tastings and sales of locally produced wines, ciders and mead.
~ Raptors in flight and snakes to cuddle.
~ Archery Tag with Primal Archery.

Circle of the Sword

Circle of the Sword is a theatrical metal-weapons combat group. First formed in 1997 we teach safe stage combat training with medieval weapons and we offer theatrical combat and historical weapons displays at schools, medieval or historical fayre’s and other venues.

The Free Company

Based in Perth northern suburbs, members muster twice a week to conduct weapons training. Members train with a variety of weapon systems and weapon simulators, utilising Historical European Martial Art Techniques with a particular focus on German Longsword traditions of Johannes Liechtenauer, a 14th Century Master Swordsman. Members wear a mixture of period and modern armour for safety in order to ensure the techniques and methods practised may be carried out as they were intended, with martial intent.

West Australian Beserkers

The largest Armoured combat team in Western Australia Preforming full contact armoured fighting


The kingdom of Grand Athera is a South West medieval enthusiasts group that practices a variety of medieval activities such as archery, featsting, blacksmithing, brewing, crafting and Combat.